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Has Been Serving The Industry For 35 Years

About Us

We are a contracting company since 1976 specialising in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the refrigeration system for supermarkets and industrial coldrooms. Our Head Office is in Kuantan with a branch office in Kuala Lumpur.

With a wealth of experience and our own in-house team of engineers, we deliver high quality work to convenient outlets, to supermarkets and to industrial cold room projects.

What We Do

Customised Refrigeration System

We can customise your refrigeration system according to your business requirements.

Cold Room

We have a dedicated in-house design team, where we can offer a range of refrigeration services by experienced & qualified design engineers supports by latest licensed software.

Cold Room

We have in-house installation team that adheres strictly to good refrigeration practice, always completing to high standards and within the agreed time line.

Cold Room Repair & Maintenance

We provide prompt and hassle free repair and maintenance to keep your refrigeration system in the best operating and efficient condition.

Do You Need Help

Contact us – our technicians are ready to help you solve that issue.

Why Choose Us


We have a dedicated team that is professionally trained in skills and experience. Our mature experience has built a solid reputation of quality and customer service.


We are just one call away for a free site survey and consultation. Our highly qualified engineers will advise you on the proper setup.


Real-time monitoring enables you to remotely assess conditions and system from a phone or computer 24/7. This increases efficiency, reduces costs and leads to longer equipment life.


We can use data to offer you predictive maintenance. These data collected can predict potential problems. Minimising your unplanned downtimes and avoiding high cost of repair.